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Staff Sekolah

Penggal Hari Persekolahan & Cuti Mula Akhir Bil. Hari
I Hari Persekolahan 04.01.2010 12.03.2010 50
Cuti Pertengahan Penggal 13.03.2010 21.03.2010 9
Hari Persekolahan 22.03.2010 04.06.2010 55
Cuti Pertengahan Tahun 05.06.2010 20.06.2010 16
II Hari Persekolahan 21.06.2010 03.09.2010 55
Cuti Pertengahan Penggal 04.09.2010 12.09.2010 9
Hari Persekolahan 13.09.2010 19.11.2010 50
Cuti Akhir Tahun 20.11.2010 02.01.2011 43
Jumlah 287
Jumlah Hari Persekolahan Termasuk Kelepasan Am 210

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. I’m more interested in primary education. thus i would like to share some of my experience and material so that everybody can benefit from what i posses. I’m working in SJK(T) Keruh. It’s a tamil medium primary school at Pengkalan Hulu, Perak, Malaysia.

My School Trip To Kuala Lumpur

Here are some of the pictures taken during the trip.

Ponggal Festival